Why i love Casino and Betting – The Story

This is the story on how i became to love casino and betting. Why is it still a thrill to spin on slots and bet on icehockey you may wonder? Well.. lets explain 🙂

Why i love casino and betting

Where it all started

So as a young kid i got into Icehockey at 6 years old and at the age of 12 i had a bright future ahead of me. However in a Allstar game at 15 years old i got cross-checked and got a concussion that stayed for awhile. This resulted in me not being able to do what i loved – play ice hockey. Even thou i didn’t play hockey anymore after awhile i still loved teams like Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers and watched them almost obsessively. When i turned 18 i started to bet on ice hockey still very small but with good results. And thats where it all started – my passion from hockey turned into betting in other words.
I actually didn’t realise all my years of playing ice hockey, watching it would give me such a base understanding and help me do educated decisions when it came to betting.

From betting to casino – a natural step?

After some years of succesfully betting on ice hockey i went with a friend of mine just for fun to The Montreal Casino (French: Casino de Montréal). It was an eye opener for me. Even thou it wasen’t skillbased on the same way as betting on something you actually have knowledge about it was alot of fun and that was what i realised mathers in the long run. Ofcourse.. you should have a budget when playing and play responsible – see it like a visit to the cinema or traveling. 

What i realised is many people are quite judgemental when it comes to gambling – both on casino and betting and im not sure why. I mean there are people abusing alcohol, drugs and sex too that doesen’t meen you should make it forbidden – but thats just my opinion. Anyhow lets get back to the subject thats how i fell in love with casino aswell – quite natural step woulden’t you say?

Why i do this

Like i described above this became a passion of mine. And that’s how i ended up making this site helping you to find the best online casino in Canada. Im actually thinkin about making some icehockey betting tips aswell, would that be interesting to you? If so feel free to leave a comment 🙂 And as always – thanks for supporting and reading my blog.

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