Welcome Bonus - Things to Consider

Welcome Bonus – Things to Consider

Ofcourse its very tempting to just look at the sheer numbers when picking a casino bonus online. For example some casinos offer up to 200,300 and even 400% deposit bonus for new players but is that always the way to find the best online casino in Canada? The short answer is no – let me explain why.

  • Usually high percentage deposit bonuses comes with high wagering demands
  • Often you are restricted to play games from certain gameproviders – usually with lower RTP % (Return to Player)
  • Bigger casinobonus means it takes alot of time to wager before being able to withdraw winnings – lower chance to end up as a winner

A couple of years ago i found a 300% deposit bonus and was super excited. Turned out the wagering req was over 80x the deposit aswell as being stuck to certain games. It took the fun out of it aswell as the chance of actually win something.

My recommendation if you are looking for the Best Online Casino Canada when it comes to welcomebonus is following:

  1. Always check the terms of the bonus – is the demands fair?
  2. Sometimes 100% is much better then 200 or 300 when it comes to your edge over the onlinecasino!
  3. Checkout if there is a limit on betsize, sometimes you can’t receive your winnings because of a simple mistake like betting to much on one spin

Lets head to the next step – gameproviders!

Gameproviders the casino should have

Gameproviders the casino should have

Do you know what is the most common mistake you do when you pick a new online casino? You don’t check there range of games (gameproviders).

Lets say you find a great deposit bonus, the terms are great and you start to look for games to play realising there is almost none!
This happend to me more then one time and now you are bound to finish the wager terms to withdraw your money.

Some gameproviders the best online casino Canada represent in our mind is following:

  • NetEnt: Populair games like Starburst, Lost Relic and Dead or Alive
  • Play’N Go: Moon Princess, Reactoonz and Book of Dead
  • BTG: Bonanza, Extra Chili and Opal Fruits

If you are looking to find a place to stay make sure they have good providers with plenty of games so you don’t get bored.

Lets hit the next step in our mission for the best casino online in Canada – Checkout payment methods.

Pick a onlinecasino that have plenty of payment methods

Pick a onlinecasino that have plenty of payment methods

So does actually payment methods at a onlinecasino mather…?
Yes, yes and one more time yes.

One of the most important things to make sure if you are striving to find the best onlinecasino 2019 is a variance of paymentmethods.
Why you may ask yourself? First and foremost you wanna be able to play on your own terms. To be able to deposit and withdraw with creditcard, Trustley, Entercash or E-wallets like Skrill or Neteller makes it more flexible for you as a casinoplayer.

I found a new casino one time and did deposit to receive a casinobonus. When i finally finished the wagering i realised i coulden’t withdraw the winnings with the method i preferd. I ended up losing everything cause of a long payment procedure – i learnt my lesson.

So what is the most important payment methods when it comes to casinos online? This is my personal thought when it comes to top 3:

  1. Trustley or Entercash – instant withdrawals and deposits aswell as the safest option
  2. E-wallets like Skrill, Neteller or Ecopayz – quick transactions and you don’t need to give out personal information.
  3. Creditcard – Enter your creditcard credentials and make sure its a established casino first also expect to send in documents (abit slower withdrawal process)

Lets go on – next step Customer Service Availability

Customer Service Availability

Customer Service Availability

Of all my steps and tips this is actually one that i consider the best.
If you are looking to find the best online casino in Canada make sure they have 24-7  customer service. I can’t be clear enough when it comes to this.

You don’t wanna be in a situation where a game stucks during a bonusgame and you can’t finish it. The chance of not ending up in a long support mather is higher if you contact them directly. I can’t tell you how many times this happend to me…

So what point of contact is the best? According to me if a casino doesen’t have a chat function available its a big no,no.
Make sure the onlinecasino have following:

  • Chat
  • An option to e-mail in complicated mathers
  • Telephonenumber for a more personal exchange

Again its easy to consider these things not being important however when something happens you really value the Customer Service Availability. 

Lets continue.. Jump between casinos or pick one? 
Pros and cons below.

The pros and cons between casinojumping and not

The pros and cons between “casinojumping” and not

So lets start of with following – what does the term “casinojumping” stand for? Casinojumping is that insteed of chosing one online casino to play on you play on plenty. So why would you do that? Lets discuss the pro’s and con’s and what is the best way to go.

The reason why you would play on many different casinos is to get the depositbonus (also knowns as welcomeoffer, casinobonus) more then one time. This results in you getting more to play for compared to if u play on one single onlinecasino. This might sound like a nobrainer but this is actually a short term way to go.

Long term its always better to play on a single casino. Why? Cause when ure an active player you get VIP-treatment, cashback and new bonuses for your loyalty. So if you are looking to find the best online casino as a Canadian i would recommend to go for the whole picture and not only bonuses.

However if you just wanna gamble some and then stop play id suggest you to get a few bonuses on different casinos (In other words casinojumping).

Also did you know there is something called no deposit bonuses?
A no deposit bonus means you get funds to play for without making a deposit – free of charge.

Lets move forward – Security and Privacy

Security And Privacy

Security And Privacy

So it’s there actually reason to be worried about your integrity when playing casino online? Unfortunately yes. Plenty of onlinecasinos demand invoices, pictures of your ID and documents when you withdraw your winnings. Does that mean that they don’t have a safe way of protection your data or that they sell your information to 2nd or 3rd parties? Ofcourse not but it does happen.

When i started to play casino online ages ago i didn’t think or consider the possibility of being worried about the security and privacy of my personal data. I mean they have thousands of active players? I started to realised that my data was sold when different companies (casinos and other sport/betting places) reached out to me directly.

Make sure following to be on the safe side when it comes to security and privacy on casinos:

  • It’s a established casino – visit sites like askgamblers who rates and make sure its a safe place to play on
  • When they ask you for personal information always ask why they need the data aswell as how they protect it (in writing)

Lets hit the 7th step on how to find the best casino online in Canada.

Playing experience on desktop, mobilephone and tablet

Playing Experience on desktop, mobilehpone and tablet

So the last thing to consider if you are on a mission to find the best onlinecasino is playing experince!

How does it scale from desktop to tablet to mobilephone.
Is it quick, smooth and easy? Is the UI, the enviroment enjoyable and do they have a cashback system or other ways to make it a valid choice of casino.

As a player myself i know the frustration that comes up when a platform lags, games doesen’t scale well or you get logged out often cause of lack of server resources. You woulden’t belive that in 2019 some platforms actually are the same as 10 years ago – that would give you a hint of the performance and the gaming/plaing experience you will have.

So to be clear… Make sure you pick a innovative casino with a smooth platform. That it scales and adjust well to all devices. And offers some kind of cashback or recurring bonuses. Ofcourse it should be quick and easy aswell to navigate between games and so on.

Good luck and hope this 7-step program to find the best online casino Canada helped you out!

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Online Casino Canada

Do you consider casino classic to be one of the best options?

No. To me casino classic is an outdated onlinecasino with a slow platform.