How i came up with my alias Casinocow and why im using one!

So how did i come up with my alias “Casinocow“? And why im not using my real name will be exposed in this blogpost.

How i came up with my alias Casinocow

Why use an Alias and not my real name?

So this is a natural question and when ure not open with your real identity people tend to have a hard time belive in you. So why do i have an alias and not my real name on this site? First and foremost everyone is not that acceptant yet towards online casino, betting and guides in this area overall. People are quite judgemental and close friends and family of mine. Before i always put time and effort into explaining my passion for this area, how i looked at it and that i thought it was kinda ignorant to equate it with so bad things. But nowdays i just can’t put more energy into it and therfor i go by an alias insteed of using my real name.

So Casinocow.. why that name?

This is actually a kinda fun story.. So how did i come up with the alias Casinocow?
Well in my early bettingdays i had a good run for 3 years betting on ice hockey and some of my friends started to call me “cashcow”. And since i love casino, and my objective with this site is to help guide people to get good offers, and pick the right casinos if they wanna play it ended up being the name “Casinocow” Smart huh?

What do you like the most out of Betting and Casino?

That’s actually a hard question. I would say Betting is a more skillbased way of enjoying onlinegames however i do think slots and live casino online is the most fun right now. Also don’t forget its obviously a bigger chance to win BIG on slots compared to betting even thou the chance is lower.

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